Friday, July 07, 2006

'Africa's Calling' everyone to World Cup 2010

This Sunday, all eyes will be on Berlin, but soon enough the view will change to South Africa who today released the logo for the 2010 World Cup (pictured).

The kick off ceremony was titled 'Africa's Calling.' South Africa President Thabo Mbeki summed up what that means by saying, "The 2010 FIFA World Cup will constitute a tribute to the effort, not only of South Africa, but of all Africa, to recover from many centuries of difficulties. Despite our problems, football has provided an inspiration to overcome those problems. Africa is ready, Africa's calling, come to South Africa in 2010."

As you can see in the logo, all of Africa is represented. Their slogan for the run up to the cup is “Win in Africa – with Africa," stressing the desire for all of Africa to gain from 2010.

The ceremony also showcased the nine official venues that will be in used (although I thought they were going to have 10).

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