Saturday, July 08, 2006

American soccer back on ESPN

After a month away so we could all watch the World Cup, Major League Soccer is returning to ESPN2 today when Chivas USA travel to Houston to take on the Dynamo at 5pm ET (or about the time the Germany-Portugal match ends). To put this simply, if you want to help soccer in the US, you should watch this game. If MLS gets better ratings, it will be easier to get sponsors, which will allow teams to bring in better talent (both in players and coaches), which will make the league and the majority of US players that play in it better, which helps us in 2010.

All that from watching one game, wow.

Okay, one game will not make that happen, but if this game can't get better ratings, then I find it hard to believe that matches not taking place with a World Cup lead in will.

So when the third place game comes to an end, flip it over to ESPN2 and watch what should be a good game.

Both teams come into the game with a good streak going. Houston has not lost in 7, while Chivas has gone 6. And are separated by just 1 point in the race for second place.

Dwayne De Rosario has been playing some great ball for Houston while Ante Razov has looked nice for Chivas.

If Chivas can pull off the win, they will find themselves in second place in the West and within striking distance of FC Dallas for the top spot. This would be a turn around of epic proportions after last year's horrible last place and worst in the league finish.

It should be a good game, so give it a shot.


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