Monday, June 05, 2006

MLS Week 10 Recap or Dallas really lost to the Crew?

What an interesting weekend for the MLS. There was only one big surprise, but what a surprise it was. Here are the recaps.

DC United 1-0 New England Revolution

The Revs lost Pat Noonan early due to a problem with his right hamstring. As if that wasn't bad enough, just as Noonan's sub came on, United got the lone goal of the match in a very questionable fashion. Christian Gomez sent a ball into Jaime Moreno, who was wide open behind the New England backline, but did he get there in a fair manner or did DC get lucky? For what it is worth, I think Moreno was offside, but still, NE should not of allowed the goal. Moreno beat Revs keeper Matt Reis, but the ball was slowly passing in front of the open goal when defender Michael Parkhurst ran up on it. He had a second in which to clear the ball and he should have. The goal should not have counted anyway, but Parkhurst still should have saved it off the line.

The rest of the game was mainly a United affair. What limited chances New England did have, Troy Perkins was able to keep out of the net for DC. The big question I have is when will Adu start finding net with some of his shots. He had a couple good ones on Saturday, but just could not get his name on the scoring sheet.

We can look at this one as a lucky win, but I think that if Moreno's goal had not been allowed, DC would have made some better chances later on, thus they would have won anyway.

FC Dallas 1-2 Columbus Crew

I guess the train wrecks don't run on time in Dallas as they somehow found a way to lose to a team that is, on a good day, half as talented as they are. Not only that, but the reason the Crew won was due to the goalkeeping effort of MLS first timer Noah Palmer. Palmer blocked at least three shots that should have been goals. On the other side, Dallas keeper Dario Sala got unlucky when Leonard Bisaku headed a free kick shot off the crossbar into an open goal. Sala had made a great dive at the first shot, but was on the ground and could not reach Bisaku's fallow through. Then came what just might have been the best MLS goal of the weekend when Ritchie Kotschau weaved his way through 4 or 5 defenders to get the Crew's second goal. Carlos Ruiz had a really nice goal in stoppage time to try and pull his side within striking distance, but there was just not enough seconds left to make it happen.

Houston Dynamo 2-1 LA Galaxy

Yes, LA finally scored, however they could not make the better of two other wonderful chances. Houston went up early thanks to Dwayne De Rosario making LA defender Marcelo Saragosa pay for his mistake of not clearing the ball out when he had the chance. DDR had Saragosa going every way except his way, thus allowing him to take a hard shot that easily beat Kevin Hartman. However, LA didn't give up and just before halftime Todd Dunivant launched a perfect high cross into the box that John Wolyniec found with his head after jumping over two defenders to give LA their first goal in 525-minutes (missing the Real Salt Lake recorded by 32-minutes). This goal gave the Galaxy some life, but they could not finish their chances. Then Houston proved how deadly they could be on corner kicks when Eddie Robinson got on the end of a Brad Davis center to give the home team the win.

LA looked much better then they have in a long time, but they are still a long way from their 2005 forum.

KC Wizards 1-1 New York Red Bull

The Wizards were lucky to get this tie as their pk was actually given for a tackle happening just outside the box. The Wizards had many other opportunities, but New York's Tony Meola was always able to come up with the save. But I'm getting ahead of myself. New York's goal had good flair to it as Mark Lisi sent it across the face of goal where Steve Jolley was just able to get his head on, sending to Steve Jolley who hammered it at goal. But before the ball could find the net, KC's goalkeeper Bo Oshoniyi was able to bat it out, only to see his right foot kick it back in. I'm a little surprised he was not awarded an own goal for his work. KC was able to pull even off a 58th minute penalty kick that should have only been a free kick right outside the box.

KC continues to look flat while New York is the team of ties, although they looked much better in the midfield during this outing.

Real Salt Lake 3-1 Chicago Fire

You think anyone in Salt Lake misses Clint Mathis? Jeff Cunningham put in the performance of a lifetime on Saturday night, as he was the one-man force that leveled the Fire. Real's first goal was a Cunningham slider across the face of goal and into net. Their second found a wide open Dasan Robinson who knocked it in. Too bad for Robinson that he plays for Chicago. Their final goal was a long chip shot that sailed into goal. Chicago did tie it up after the first goal thanks to a long bomb blast by Brian Plotkin.

Real looked confident on the pitch. They might not be a top container, but they are no longer a laugh. For the Fire, it is a bad ending to an otherwise good long road trip.

Chivas USA 4-1 Colorado Rapids

Luck finally went Chivas USA's way as their first goal was an own goal by Mike Petke and their second goal saw Ante Razov start about 5 yards offside. However, their last two goals were nothing but good style and smooth playing. The Rapids lone goal was thanks to a failure of the Goats backline. Jacob Peterson was toying it around in the box while two Chivas defenders were kicking at it, but they could not clear it away. Peterson was able to poke it over to Dedi Ben Dayan who got his second goal in 4 days.

All and all, this was an even match with Chivas making the better of their chances. Both teams showed some midfield and defensive problems. Chivas must now figure out how to continuously get goals as 8 of their 14 have come in just 2 of their 8 matches.

As far as the prediction center goes, this weekend was not kind to the wife as she went 1-4 while I went 3-3. Still, she is in the lead for the season 27-32 vs. 26-33.


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Thank goodness the Crew found someone to play over Popik. I was sitting behind the goal at the DC-Columbus game last week, and man, was it ever depressing.

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