Wednesday, May 31, 2006

MLS Week 9 Power Ratings

Not much has changed in a week, but still let's look at the ratings.

1. FC Dallas (last week - 1) - They were down 1-0 on the road with just 15-minutes to play yet still managed to come away with a win. Sure, it was New York, but that is still impressive and shows the strength of this team.

2. DC United (2) - They opened with a blast and then held it with their defense. I had been worried about United's defense of late, but with this victory and the way that even Adu helped out, it is hard to find any major weaknesses with this team.

3. Chicago Fire (3) - Yes, they lost to Chivas, but they still looked like they could have won. Still, if some other teams lower on the list had looked better, the Fire would have fallen.

4. Houston Dynamo (5) - They were able to come back on the road and get a tie. They really didn't look that great doing it, but a point on the road against a decent team means something.

5. Kansas City Wizards (4) - They really did not have a chance against DC did they? With their offense performing the way it is, they can not afford to get behind and with United's defense playing so well, the Wizards were never about to go ahead.

6. New England Revolution (6) - They just cannot beat teams from Texas even if the team gives them many opportunities to do so. Not finishing chances is going to kill this team.

7. Columbus Crew (7) - They had the week off and only 7 players got injured. By the way, if you are a goalkeeper, you might want to send a resume.

8. Colorado Rapids (9) - They are starting to find the nets, but they cannot hold teams. Going up a goal with 6 minutes to play should be enough to get you three points, even in Salt Lake, but they could not do it.

9. Real Salt Lake (10) - You can see the confidence this team has got of late. They went down twice, but they did not implode. With their passing and ball handling improving, this team might actually make something of their season.

10. New York Red Bull (8) - They had the visitor’s back to the wall and then gave it all away. A great team would never have let that happen, a good team would have got a tie, a crappy team drops it all. Sorry Mo, but your team is the latter.

11. Chivas USA (12) - They were able to hold a 1-0 lead for almost 90 minutes. Who knew Chivas had a defense. Still, they need to find a way to have their offense show up even when their defense does the same.

12. Los Angeles Galaxy (11) - They had the week off to spend some time looking for a goal. They are always in the last place you look. Talking about last place, LA is here because unlike their stadium mates Chivas, the Galaxy can't even find a goal in a losing effort.

Note: I posted an incomplete copy of this that listed New York in the 8th spot and did not finish their blurb.


Blogger Chris said...

I played keeper for a year in college in 1989 and was actually seriously considering sending my resume to the Crew.

7:53 AM  
Blogger Nick and Dan said...

Can we have the address for the Crew to send said resumes?

10:41 AM  

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