Thursday, June 01, 2006

MLS Week 10 Recap - Midweek

What a night for DC United as Jaime Moreno got his 100th goal (watch it here - lunches windows media player) and they blow the crap out of the Crew. The 5-1 final score kind of sums up how one sided this game was.

For the Crew, they did well in the first half, but DC was able to break them down in the second. Once Ezra Hendrickson knocked in an own goal off a corner kick, Columbus lost faith. Then there was the issue of the keeper. Dan Popik is obviously not ready for prime time, but the Crew have no other options. His foul that lead to the Moreno penalty kick was a perfect example of how green he is as the ref could have gone with a red card. Popik knows his team doesn't have another goalie hiding somewhere, so to commit such a foul in the 7th minute is just stupid.

For United, this victory was the result of the whole team working together all over the pitch. Their defense is looking sharp again and their midfield is just a handful. The work on their fourth goal was fabulous. Smart passing and great pressure all lead up to the Aleck Eskandarian strike.

United are now tied with FC Dallas as the top team in MLS.

DC United 5-1 Columbus Crew

Unlike the United game, Colorado's 1-0 victory over LA does not reflect how much the Rapids dominated this game. If Colorado had a little better offense, this would have been a rout. The first 30-minutes or so saw nothing but chance after chance for the Rapids, with most of the attack being lead by Dedi Ben Dayan. He was taking some good shots, but just missing the target till the 33rd minute when he was able to get a boot on Terry Cooke corner kick and send it into goal.

The rest of the match was either midfield play or attacks by the Rapids till the final few minutes when LA finally put together some offense, but what little strength the Galaxy showed was too late.

For LA, it was yet another bad night. They have now gone 480 minutes without a goal and they might beat the all time MLS record this weekend if they do not score by the 77th minute. Also, defender Kyle Veris went down in the 52nd minute after over extending his right ankle. With their offense the way it is, the last thing LA needs is more bad news on defense.

Colorado Rapids 1-0 LA Galaxy


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