Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Five potential replacements for Arena

Via the Contra Costa Times, Soccer America Magazine puts up a list of five possible replacements for Arena should his contract not be renewed in December.

1. Juergen Klinsmann - German national coach
2. Frank Yallop - Los Angeles Galaxy coach
3. Bob Bradley - Chivas USA coach
4. Sigi Schmid - Columbus Crew coach
5. Guus Hiddink - Current Australian coach

A good list, however their number five has already signed on to coach Russia through 2010.

Of the other four, I would think Bob Bradley would have the inside track if they were looking for someone who is similar to Bruce but not Bruce (Bradley was an assistant coach for Arena in U of Virginia, DCU and on the national team).

Klinsmann would be the most interesting of choices and might help figure out the offensive problems the team faces.

Yallop was great with San Jose, he looked alright when he coached Canada, but let's see how he does with LA before giving him any big nod.

Then there is Schmid. Just about any place he has coached (UCLA, LA, the U-20 US team), he has been very impressive. A lot of the players know him already, so the comfort level should be there. This could result in a very good fit.

All that said, I think the odds of Bruce staying are better then him leaving, so this list might just be for talking points.



Anonymous john said...

Interesting, I think you are the first person I have seen saying the odds are better of Bruce staying than going.

11:00 AM  
Blogger Mike H said...

John, I just have the feeling that there is enough good will to hold him in the spot. Then again, I also thought the US would win their group, so I can be very wrong.

12:02 PM  
Blogger torquinus said...

I waited 4 years for this disaster, went to USA-ITALY (was in Berlin last week as well)...
It was all over in the Czech game when Koller scored within 5 minutes. Months to prepare for just that play, get some 7 foot giant to emulate the cross from both sides, in front inside outside. Just amazing.

Football is played in around 15 minute intervals, US ball control should have been established early.

The team was not prepared, not motivated. There were no "key substitutions" made becuase there really wasn't much of a plan. Or didn't some of the players say "we didn't know what were doing out there."

The US program needs to be headed by someone who actually comprehends football.

2:21 PM  
Blogger Ben Lusty said...

I would say that Arena's accomplishments outweight his failures....but his failures are great. He never did win a real match in Europe, and he can't get any consistency from Donovan or DaMarcus. I think the US needs to bring in an experienced coach from the european club community. Someone who knows how to grind out tough wins and build teams. I realize the national team is a different kettle of fish from club soccer, but it might be time to bring in someone who has made a name in a tougher pun meant.

12:21 AM  
Anonymous Susan said...

Yes, there's good will toward Arena despite the 2006 failure. After the 1998 disaster, he brought US soccer to the point where there actually were some expectations. But now we need someone who can bring us to the next level--to deliver on those expectations. Now is the time to shake things up, not later. I tend to agree that a European would understand what needs to be done in terms of player development & team-building, but Sigi Schmid is an appealing choice too.

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As much as I hate to say it, if the US fed hires anyone from MLS the same pattern will only repeat itself. There simply isn't the same standard in our domestic league in terms or players or coaches. Both Bradley and Schmid have had chances to mold young talent at a professional level, and, for the most part, said young talent showed few signs of improvement.
And how is what any coach did in the collegiate ranks applicable to international level soccer?

I'm surprised Dick Advocaat hasn't been mentioned.
Also, I'm pretty sure Hiddink only signed with the Russian fed until Euro 2008, so he may be available for the next WCQ cycle.

9:52 AM  
Blogger scaryice said...

IMO, Nowak and Nicol should be the top MLS prospects.

4:20 AM  

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