Monday, June 12, 2006

11 signs you've gone US Soccer crazy

1. You can't decide if Kasey Keller has the reactions of a cat or if your cat has the reactions of Kasey Keller

2. You thought about not paying the cable bill just so you could by a special edition "US send-off" jersey. The only reason you did pay the cable bill was so you could watch more soccer matches.

3. Even though you've seen it 40 or more times, you still watch the Gatorade 'Whole New Ballgame' commercial every time it comes on.

4. You wear face paint even when watching the match at home.

5. You wear face paint even when 'watching' the match on match-tracker at work.

6. You have at least two of Bruce Arena's press conferences currently downloaded onto you iPod.

7. You have nicknamed something important (pet, car, girl/boyfriend) 'The Gooch.'

8. Whenever you hear someone talking about Mexico, your first though is '2-0.'

9. You keep submitting Clint Dempsey's “Don’t Tread” video to Total Request Live.

10. When you hear there has been an accident on the traffic report, your first thought is 'Dear God, I hope John O'Brien wasn't hurt.'

11. When you called into work sick today, you thought about claiming it as a religious holiday.

I hope this helps you pass away the final hours before the US start their run.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You need an addendum to your list:

12. You are now too depressed to do anthing but drink away your sorrows. What a let down.

7:53 PM  
Blogger incendiarymind said...

I think if you cry every time someone mentions how much the team has improved in the last 15 years should be on the list.

1:18 PM  
Anonymous cfboggs said...

I just want to say that "Whole New Ballgame" is a masterpiece...

10:50 AM  

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