Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It must be hard being an Italian fan

After watching last night's Australia-Italy match, I've come to the conclusion that it must be very difficult to be a fan of Italia. I mean to cheer for a team that needs so much assistance from the refs to win games must be very frustrating.

A lot has been said about the refs this World Cup (and I will have more to say about it in a bit), but the call for the penalty kick last night was perhaps the most disturbing. I know, after the Netherlands-Portugal mockery, it is hard to say there is something more disturbing, but the ref knew that his call in last night's game would decided the game. I know, there was a chance of a miss on the pk, but there was a much better chance of a goal.

Now, I'm not saying that refs should not make calls that will decide a game, but in the final seconds of a match, there should be no questions about the call and that was not the case last night. The Aussie went down for the ball, missed it and the Italian player. The Italian then took a step and tripped over the other player. This might be a foul and might not. When you are in the final seconds of stoppage time and you are in the box, a good ref would not call a foul unless it was definitely a foul.

When you combine last night's game with the calls from the US game, you start to notice how much Italy gets by with a little help from the refs.

Yes, I know, Italy was down a man last night on a call that should have been more yellow then red, but that took place much earlier in the match and allowed Italy a chance to recover. The call last night was nothing short of Medina Luis handing Italy a ticket to the final 8.

The sad thing is, I think Italy had a great chance to earn the ticket on their own in overtime, but now they have yet another gift from the refs hanging over their squad (not that they or their fans are complaining).


Blogger Larry Aiello said...

Hey Mike

I agree...it is hard being an Italian fan. Especially since they play a dull style of soccer. But as they say, defense wins championships. And it doesn't hurt to have luck on your side too.

But they do have to play better if they want to make it to the finals.



8:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fair enough, but remember the descisions that have gone against them
perfectly legitimate goal ruled offside in 2002 and the alledged fix by opponents (demark and sweden? i forget) in the groups stage in euro 2004 (they played out for a draw, both times knocking italy out

7:59 PM  

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