Thursday, June 08, 2006

Could Cuauhtémoc Blanco join Houston Dynamo?

When Cuauhtémoc Blanco was left off the Mexican national team for this year's World Cup, fans marches on the team's offices in protest. Blanco is a very talented player, but his way of carrying himself is, let's just say, lacking in humility.

Now we come to find out that Blanco has held meetings with Dynamo president Oliver Luck. Although Luck is quick to note that no decision has been made, he does say, "He still has tremendous talent, and playing in MLS with its improvement is appealing to him."

Could MLS be about to get Blanco?

He doesn't have the media power of a Beckham or Ronaldo, but this would still be a huge move for the league. Now if this would be a good or bad move depends on his play once he arrives.

If he comes to the states just to finish up his career, then it will be a bust. However, if he comes to test himself one last time before he hangs up his cleats; if he comes to push his teammates to the limit while forcing the opposition to stop him; if he comes looking to make his name in the English language market, then it will be worth it.

Blanco, like all great players, has the ability to reshape a league, but does he have the determination and desire to do it?

To be clear, Blanco is still under contract with Club América till January of '07, so this is not likely to happen soon. Also, Luck does not seem to be racing into anything, even it would probably mean a large increase in ticket sales to fans of Mexican soccer (and there are a number of them in Houston).

MLS teams are not just looking for big names to attract attention, they are also looking for people who will bring something to the team. As the article points out, past Mexican stars Carlos Hermosillo and Luis Hernandez did not do much during their time in the league, so one must approach with caution.

Blanco could easily become a defining figure in our league with thousands showing up to cheer or boo his every touch of the ball, but I still wonder how long his interest would hold before he grew tired of the situation.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the MLS brings in ageing players and / or lower division players as the old NASL did in the begining then that is the quality of play you will get. Blanco is good but as he has gotten older he has slowed and is more likely to become just wht the MLS does not need. An over paid, over played under-capable player. He already commits too many fouls due to his slowing. What the MLS needs is to follow what the English and other European clubs do. Start of with an apprentceship program. Get the young kids out mowing the pitch, shing the shoes, lining the pitch, cleaning the uniforms. Have the young players learn from the senior players. In no time you will have 16 and 17 year olds finishing High School and competing for the first team spots. When the US figures this out and looks at the game from a pursits view of what the game is about and how to do it, then and only then will the US put a team in that can compete at the total level of the other countries. I am one of those players that never got the chance to rise to the occasion, but I have some young players around me that could if only given the platform.

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