Thursday, June 08, 2006

MLS Week 10 Power Ratings

Now that we are about a third of the way into the season, one or two games will not cause huge shifts in the ratings. Still, this past week of play did see some movement so here is the list:

1. DC United (last week - 2) - Winning three games in a 8-day period is always a good sign. They looked tired for the last match, but still did enough on defense to frustrate New England and get the win.

2. FC Dallas (1) - A good question is what happened to the come from behind spirit on Saturday. A better question, why did they even need to come from behind when they were playing Columbus? Still, even great teams have bad nights. Could this have just been a bump or is FCD going to have another mid-season slide like last year?

3. Houston Dynamo (4) - With all the problems they have had in their midfield and their lack of striking force, it is only appropriate that a defender got the winning goal over the weekend. Finding ways of winning games, even against poor opposition, when your team is less then 100% is always a good thing.

4. Chicago Fire (3) - Did the road trip finally catch up with the fire over the last two weeks? They looked sluggish and lacking in skill in Salt Lake, but they have till the 11th to regroup before their first home game of the year. What version of the Fire will appear then?

5. Kansas City Wizards (5) - The one goal Wizards managed to get one goal over the weekend and that was off a pk. If their offense doesn't click soon, they will be dropping fast.

6. Columbus Crew (7) - Where did this Crew team come from? They were connecting passes, playing smart in the midfield and had a goalie that could actually stop shots. A big win in Dallas could change their season.

7. New England Revolution (6) - The Revs cannot blend themselves into something tasty. For a couple weeks they showed that they had talent, but you put a strong defense in front of them and they fail to mix.

8. Real Salt Lake (9) - Real keeps getting better every week (to be fair, they really could not have got worse). Their defense is talking and their offense is scoring. Granted, their offense is mainly one guy, but one guy is one more then they had a month ago.

9. Colorado Rapids (8) - Did the Rapids manage to string together more then 3 passes in any one attack? Yes, Chivas had luck on their side, but Colorado just looking like a deflated doll.

10. Chivas USA (11) - As said above, the goats got lucky more then once, but luck did not score all 4 goals. Chivas was able to bring both a good offensive and decent defensive showing to the same match for the first time all season. If they keep this up, they have a chance at making it out of the basement in the West.

11. New York Red Bull (10) - The team that ties got a tie. New York would be in horrible shape if it wasn't for goaltender Tony Meola. Meola has come up with so many great saves this year that the Reds forgettable offense can actually get them a point.

12. Los Angeles Galaxy (12) - So they did not break the longest single season record for no goals, but that doesn't mean they looked good doing it. This team is a mess, but new coaches have a way of altering things, so look for movement soon.

This will probably be the last list for a few weeks as World Cup fever will cripple my MLS watching experience.


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