Thursday, May 04, 2006

Maybe Real Salt Lake could play in Salt Lake

Update of this story here.

After yesterday's news that Real could not count on $35 million in hotel taxes for their Sandy site, words from Salt Lake City Councilwoman Jill Remington Love have got to be good news.

"We've always thought the best place for the soccer stadium was in downtown Salt Lake City. I would hope that Salt Lake City could be a solution to Real as they explore their new options."

With a poll showing that 50 percent wanted to see the stadium either in downtown Salt Lake City or at the Utah State Fairpark, moving the facility to the town after which the team is named might be an easier option.

If Real does look towards Salt Lake, they will still need to justify any public money that comes their way (and there are a number of other ideas on how to spend the money). The city's Mayor, Rocky Anderson, gave no comment on the idea. His counterpart in Sandy, Mayor Tom Dolan, doesn't think the idea will come to be since the team has already purchased land in Sandy for the stadium.

Since Real's hopes of turning a profit rest on a stadium, an idea is bound to move forward soon. If Salt Lake is truly interested in holding on to the team, they have been given a great opening.



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