Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Real Salt Lake Stadium Deal Dead?

Update of this story here.

Big news breaking out of Salt Lake where Real Salt Lake's hopes to tap hotel-tax money to build a soccer stadium in Sandy are dead.

Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon announced Wednesday that the "numbers just don't work" for county taxpayers, so he is ending negotiations with the Major League Soccer team.

That means RSL will not get the $35 million in public financing from the county to use toward land and infrastructure for the $145 million soccer-and-entertainment complex.

"For the citizens of Salt Lake County," Corroon said, "we didn't feel it was fiscally prudent."

What this means is that if Real wants to get public money, they will need to place the issue on the ballot. I forget the exact numbers, but the last time I saw some sort of poll on this, it looked really bad for the team.

This is some bad news after a bit of good news earlier in the week when the team announced season ticket sales of 6,000.

Looks like it will not be Real Sandy after all.



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