Thursday, April 13, 2006

MLS 2006 Week 3 Predictions

For week three we get 2 on 2. That's right, ESPN2 will show both the Crew-Fire and Chivas-LA matches. No word yet on if MLS will continue the free internet viewing of games or if it will become a pay service. By the way, all games will be played on Saturday.

Columbus Crew vs. Chicago Fire
4:00pm ET

The Crew are the team to beat at the moment, and I don't mean that it a good way. Chicago has looked surprisingly strong against both FCD and LA, so they should be able to handle the stumble and fumble Crew. The Fire's Thiago should have a big night along with Justin Mapp and Chris Rolfe. For the Crew, Frankie Hajduk needs to shut things down, but John Wolyniec or someone needs to come alive on offense. Sadly, I don't think that will happen.

Mike's prediction: Crew 1-3 Fire
Wife's prediction: Crew 2-4 Fire


DC United vs. Houston Dynamo
7:30pm ET

Can Jaime Moreno keep on rolling towards 100-goals? Will Chrisitan Gomez keep the good passing alive? Will Freddy Adu start? Will they need a lucky bounce to win this one? Normally, I would say yes to all these questions, but I'm going to have to change my mind on the last one. With Houston's Dwayne De Rosario hugging bench thanks to a red card, the Dynamos will be missing a very important part. They will not self-destruct, but they won't be as quick on attack or as deadly from free kicks. This will allow DC a number of chances, and they will finish them.

Mike: DC 2-1 Houston
Wife: DC 2-0 Houston


KC Wizards vs. New England Revolution
8:30pm ET
Direct Kick (DK)

This will be one of the best two matches of the weekend. KC is burning up with more talent then just Johnson and Wolff while NE has a bunch of talent, but can't seem to get them to work together. If the Wizard's defense can hold together as they did in Houston, the Revs will not have the chances. However, if Jose Burciaga or Nick Garcia is less then perfect, a Twellman or Dempsey or Noonan will make them pay. To add to the dimensions of this game, both teams have great keepers in Matt Reis (NE) and Bo Oshoniyi (KC).

Mike: KC 2-1 NE
Wife: KC 1-2 NE


Colorado Rapids vs. FC Dallas
9:00pm ET

Week three will let us see if FCD can do it on the road. Going up against the Rapids, even without Carlos Ruiz, should result it them getting a third win. Forward Kenny Cooper is fast becoming the talk of the town while Roberto Mina is playing a great quiet threat. If the Ronnie O'Brien saga is actually over, he should be able to provide some good support in the midfield. However, Dallas is still a little soft in the back. If the Rapids can apply some pressure with Kyle Beckerman and Fabrice Nöel, they will get a goal.

Mike: Rapids 0-2 FCD
Wife: Rapids 1-3 FCD


Real Salt Lake vs. New York Red Bull
9:00pm ET

The sleeper game of the weekend. New York comes into this game having been outplayed in both their matches, yet they still have 2 points. Real is coming home for the first time without anything to their name. The good news for the Reds, they have looker better while looking bad then Real has. Sooner or later Amado Guevara is going to make a major impact and Salt Lake seems like a good spot to begin. For Salt Lake, they need Jeff Cunningham to show up (is this the same guy who netted 12 a year ago?) as Eddie Pope can only do so much. By the way, Scott Garlick is good, but he can only stop so many shots in a game. All and all, I think the Red Bulls will finally taste victory.

Mike: RSL 0-2 NY
Wife: RSL 1-1 NY


Chivas USA vs. LA Galaxy
11:00pm ET

The battle for LA is finally going to happen. Last season the Galaxy took all four matches of the SuperClasico, but this year is different. LA has looked pitiful of late, while Chivas has had a spark (even if luck has been against them). For LA, Donovan, Albright, Cobi and Gomez all need to start playing again. Good news for them, Todd Dunivant is ready for action, so maybe their backline will not be so sloppy. For Chivas, Juan Pablo Garcia needs to keep finding spaces, but the real work will be in the back third. If Claudio Suarez and Tim Regan can cause some frustration, Chivas will finally triumph against their Home Depot rivals. Look for this to be a great game for the full 90.

Mike: Chivas 1-0 LA
Wife: Chivas 2-1 LA


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