Friday, March 10, 2006

World Cup News - March 10th

Filippo Inzaghi is hoping his two goals in AC Milan's blowout of Beyern Munich helps earn him a spot on Italy's roster. Inzaghi has had a lot of knee problems has of late been a scoring machine, netting nine goals in his last seven games. Italy has a lot of talent in the striker position, but those numbers have got to be catching a few eyes.

On the other side of the 'form' line, we have Ronaldo, who has put on a little weight of late and has just 10 goals this season for Real Madrid. He has also recently hinted at leaving Real saying, "I've never felt at home at the Bernabeu (Real's home) and I will look at my situation after the World Cup." His life, as the article notes, seems to have taken a bad turn ever since his divorce last year. Ronaldo's poor play have made a few folks wonder if he might be more of a drag then a help for Brazil come June.

After the Black Stars tripped out of the African Cup and fell to Mexico during last week's friendly, fans claim Ghanaian coach Ratomir Djukovic does not have the abilities to guide the team through their difficult group in Germany. However, the country's Deputy Minister of Education and Sports warned against replacing a coach this close to the finals, pointing out all the tension in Togo who recently fired their coach. The deputy understands fans anger, as the coach is paid by taxpayer money, but thinks they need to give Djukovic the benefit of the doubt.

Juergen Klinsmann is open to the idea of extending his contract as Germany's head coach to after the Cup. Bad news for Klinsmann is he might be the only German thinking that at the moment.

If you are planning on using a taxi during the World Cup, chances are your driver will not speak English. I know, it is shocking that in Germany, people might not speak English, but it could just be the case. However, Berlin’s Tourism and Marketing Office did offer free English classes to taxi drivers, but only about 100 of the city's 12,000 cabbies took them up on the offer.

German football legend Franz Beckenbauer thinks Serbo-Montenegrin stands a good chance of making out of their group (Argentina, Ivory Coast and Holland) if they, "play in the same style like (they) did during the World Cup qualifiers."

In a recent poll of users, 41% said that the Ivory Coast was the African team that would go furthest in Germany. If these users and Beckenbauer are correct, this is bad news for Argentina and Holland.

Finally, the wonderful people of Thailand will get a rare chance to see the World Cup trophy as it will be on display at Siam Paragon's Royal Paragon Hall tomorrow. However, visitors will need to keep a respectable distance and "avoid exhaling onto it."

91 days till kickoff...


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