Saturday, March 11, 2006

US Women blow Denmark away

There's the US Women's team we all love. They came out today and controlled just about every minute of the match. Still, they were not finding net till the 27th minute when Abby Wambach opened up the gates.

Prior to Wambach's goal, the US had 8 shots with most of them being close.

The next six minutes defined the game, and hopefully the Algarve Cup, as Heather O'Reilly (pictured) made strikes in the 31st and 33rd minutes. This marks the first multi-goal experience for O'Reilly.

Then, right before halftime, Kristine Lilly and Abby Wambach play the back back and forth with Lilly taking the shot and getting the goal. This is Lilly's 108th international goal.

At the half, a little bit of history was made when Natasha Kai was substituted in for Lilly. Kai became the first Hawaiian to earn a cap for the women's team. But Kai would not let that be her only honor of the night. Kai intercepted a poor pass from a Denmark defender to her goalie and snapped a shot in for an easy goal. What a way to start your international days.

So the US wins 5-0. Next up is France on Monday at 10:30am EST. Sadly, the match will not be televised, but you can always see the live report on US Soccer's match tracker.



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