Wednesday, March 01, 2006

"Guus Hiddink will coach Russia"

Updated here.

Those are the words coming from the president of the Russian Football Union (RFU). This has been the rumor for a few months now, however just about every national side has said they are interested in Hiddink.

The RFU's press secretary said that Hiddink (pictured) has not been officially named coach, saying, “recently, the Russian Football Union has taught the journalists that any important information on the Russian team is first voiced by the union’s press service. I emphasize this once more: the Russian Football Union does not confirm Hiddink’s appointment."

As for Guus, he has not said that he is going to Russia, however he has also refused to rule it out. If it is true that he cannot be named head coach of a team till after the World Cup, perhaps this is his way of confirming without breaking contract. Or maybe he just won't rule any possible offer out.

No matter where Hiddink ends up in August, till July he is focused on taking the socceroos as far as they can go. He has even suggested that Australia might surprise group mates Brazil and shock the world. For his team's match against the giants of South America, he says they will not just sit back and defend. "This is not a team to lean back and rely on just one or two counterattacks each half." Instead, he plans on playing some serious offense.

That said, he believes the biggest match will be their first one against Japan on June 12th.

"In the Japan game Australia will go for the win, but we must not lose the game," he said. "That does not mean you must always think defensively. If you can go for a win against Japan you are half way [to qualifying], I think."

Australia are one of two World Cup teams not playing a match today, but their European based players are in a mini-camp. These players as well as those who are based domestically, will have at least three pre-Cup matches together in late May and early June, as they play Greece (May 25), Netherlands (June 4) and Liechtenstein (June7).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hiddink has been seen in a local bookstore near eindhoven (the netherlands) buying magazines and books.
- Good Restaurants in Moscow
- the Russian Playboy
- Dutch-Russian dictionary
- greatest heroes part 4 .Lenin

He was there just before closing time
my girlfriend works there.

3:43 PM  

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