Monday, February 27, 2006

Reyna ready to return to action, Beasley wants to stay with PSV, Onyewu has a big night

US players in Europe are making the news today, with Claudio Reyna's (pictured) return to play being the best piece of all. Reyna, the US captain, has not played since he suffered a broken ankle on December 26th, 2005.

He will suit up for Manchester City's reserves as they face Bolton tonight. If he has a strong showing, he might be recalled to the main team in time for this Sunday's match with Sunderland.

This is wonderful news for US fans as Reyna, if healthy, will bring a great deal of experience and talent to the national team in Germany.

One of the folks Reyna's experience would help is fellow national team midfielder DaMarcus Beasley. Beasley has made some good things happen for his club PSV Eindhoven, but a recent interview seems to suggest that he was thinking about leaving the team. However, Beasley says he said no such thing.

"I never said anything about leaving," Beasley told YA. "I read the (magazine), they twisted my words around."

"They took something I said and kind of ran with it," he laughed. "You know, reporters always love a story."

Beasley saw about 20-minutes of action during this weekend's match. He did not get a goal, but did manage one impressive 25-yard run, which included beating 3 defenders.

US teammate Oguchi Onyewu did Beasley one better by getting a goal while doing his best to frustrate his mark, Gert Verheyen.

Standard would find the equalizer as Rapaic took the free kick himself and drove it high into the box, to the far post.

Onyewu fought for space with the aging Verheyen, who tumbled to the ground as the American international placed the ball into the back of Stijnen's net.

Onyewu and Verheyen tangled again and both would receive a good talking to from the referee.

While the Belgian animatedly flapped his arms at the injustice, it was clear the American was doing his job of frustrating the long time Brugge forward.

Onyewu and the backline defended deeper and kept the attacking black and blue from breaking them down, but caused lots of Flemish fans frustration.

The American's marking of Verheyen was classic, as the big man was not giving an inch.

It is outstanding to read about Onyewu out muscling players. If he can do this in Germany, many happy moments will come America's way.

All and all, three good pieces of news for fans of the red, white and blue.


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