Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Goal of the Decade down to five choices

Final results here.

The best goal in the history of MLS is now down to five choices. In the final five we have two long passes quickly redirected into goal (McBride, Wolyniec), two bicycle kicks (both by Ruiz) and a curling free kick (De Rosario).

All five are great goals, but if I had to kick one out it would be the free kick. I know, I spoke highly of it for goal of the year last year, but as far as best goal in MLS history, I think a goal scored during the run of the game would be best.

Of the remaining four goals, I would either go with Brian McBride's strike in 1996 or Carlos Ruiz's bicycle from 2005. McBride's goal is a quick and smart play the looks fantastic in the wide-angle view. Ruiz's goal looks great and unlike the 2003 nominee, it is not the direct result of sloppy defense (yes he was unmarked in the 2005 goal, but in the 2003 goal, the attempt to clear the ball that leads to the strike is dismal).

As far as Wolyniec's shot, it is great, but I think McBride's is better. Also, Wolyniec's has those fabulous football lines that MLS fans love so much. That is not the main reason I do not think it is the best goal, but it does play some small part of it.

Anyway, you have till March 6th to vote for the Best MLS Goal Ever. Just a reminder, like all good voting, you can vote up to 10 times a day per email address.

Here is the list of goals:

Brian McBride
April 13, 1996
Columbus vs. D.C. United

Carlos Ruiz
August 9, 2003
Los Angeles vs. Columbus

John Wolyniec
Sept. 20, 2003
MetroStars vs. Columbus

Carlos Ruiz
May 28, 2005
FC Dallas vs. D.C. United

Dwayne De Rosario
October 15, 2005
S.J. Earthquakes vs. Los Angeles


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