Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Arena's World Cup roster to be named on May 2nd

During yesterday's DC United Kickoff luncheon, the Bruce announced that he would name his 23-man World Cup roster on May 2nd (look towards the end of the article), 13 days before the international deadline. He may also name as many as 10 alternates in case of a training camp injury.

By naming players earlier, Arena will give MLS teams a little more time to prepare for player's absence, but it will also mean players will not have as much time to impress Bruce with their league play. For MLS players on the bubble, they will need to come out strong right away.

For European based players, this should give them more time to plan for their off-season.

It is funny that so many other international coaches are begging FIFA for more time to make their choices. I guess Arena knows what he wants.

Thanks to Josh at for passing this along.

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