Tuesday, March 28, 2006

With US in town, Hamburg increases security

Hamburg is happy to play host to the US team during their World Cup run, but since the team ranks number one on the terrorism risk list, their arrive will mean a large increase in security personal. To add to this, the team is staying in the 5-star Park Hyatt Hotel in the middle of Hamburg's busiest shopping street.

Thomas Model, Hamburg's top police official in charge of security said, "You'd think they would choose a bit of an off-center location, but they don't want to live in a fortress but want to get out on the street and feel at home."

For those of you that were hoping to pop into the hotel with hopes of seeing the players, think again. They will not close the street on which the hotel sites, "but you won’t be able to access the shopping arcade below the hotel or the hotel itself."

"But we won't have sharpshooters sitting in manholes," Model said. However, in the case of a real emergency situation, he added, the area around the hotel may be closed off after all.

Swedish firm Securitas will provide security for the hotel and US training grounds.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't Securitas the firm that had 50 million pounds stolen from them in the U.K., I am not sure that instills a lot of confidence in me.....

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