Saturday, March 25, 2006

Chelsea to play MLS All-Stars

Update here.

Last year MLS welcomed English side Fulham to Columbus for their All-Star match, but this year they have a bigger opponent in mind.

On Monday official word should name Chelsea as the 2006 All-Star opposition. The match will happen at the Chicago Fire's new stadium on July 29th.

Last year MLS destroyed an under prepared Fulham 4-1, however, Chelsea should prove for a much tougher match.

This is a wonderful move by MLS. Getting Chelsea to play against your best is sure to get some media attention. Add to it that the match will take place only three weeks after the World Cup final and you've got the making for something big.

For the MLS, this should help motivate players to have a great first half of the season. Getting a chance to show your abilities in front of one of the best European clubs might just make for an excellent career move.


Blogger Thomas said...

NOt sure if the Blues can play in the All Star game because of world cup resrictions. 14 chelsea boys will have played in the world cup and the rules say they need a months rest before they can play again. I heard Peter Kenyon on world soccer daily and he seemed to think however that they might still be able to tdo it,.

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