Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Spanish referees prepare to strike

First and second division referees are threatening to strike this weekend if they are not paid the two months of back wages they are owed. If the refs do walk, then Saturday's Barcelona-Real Madrid game will probably have to be rescheduled.

Spanish soccer is trying to fix this problem. They have asked officials to send them a breakdown of the amounts they are owed for February and March together with their bank details. The firs division refs are each owed about 12,000 euros ($14,400).

The debt resulted from a dispute between the League and the Spanish soccer federation over which organization was required to pay the officials.

I'm sure Spanish soccer will solve this problem because they do not want to miss the Barca-Real match, but how does something like this happen? The season has been underway for a while now; you'd think they would know how to pay the officiating staff.


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