Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The stories of Eddie Gaven and Taylor Twellman

About to step away from the computer for a while, but came across these two articles that tell of the very different tales of two MLS players.

Eddie Gaven's future looked to be coming on strong a year ago, but now is in studded mood. For Twellman, well the title says it all, "Twellman has the world at his feet."

I think Twellman still has a way to go before he has the world in such a position, but he could get closer against Japan. What he did against Norway was great, but beating up on the U-23 team does not a World Cup player make. If he can shine again, the talk will become serious.

Oh, on a different note, it does appear that Guevara will be in camp for the MetroStars on Thursday. He might not be happy, but he'll be there. By the way, I would like to start a trade rumor. How about Gaven and Guevara going to FC Dallas for Eddie Johnson. I say the odds are about 10 to 1. What does everyone else think?


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