Wednesday, February 08, 2006

MLS to soccer world, "Adu is staying in DC."

It seems the rumors of Adu getting ready to join the Blues were getting so strong that MLS and DC United felt they needed to respond.

MLS deputy commissioner Ivan Gazidis told the Associated Press, "We haven't had any discussions with any club about a transfer for Freddy. He plays for D.C. and will be playing for D.C. for the foreseeable future."

DC United President and CEO Kevin Payne had this to say:

"Freddy Adu is a member of D.C. United and we expect him to remain so through the 2007 season. Neither we nor the League has had any conversations with any club about a transfer of Freddy. Freddy knows the task before him this year is to continue to improve and become a game in, game out contributor to the success of D.C. United. We have great faith in his qualities, and we remain convinced that in time he will realize his potential and become a terrific player by any standard."

This seems pretty firm, but it really is standard talk. It might be true, but then again it might not be. How many times did Real Madrid say that Michael Owen was not going anywhere before he went somewhere?

One of the issues that does point to Adu not moving to London is his age. He is only eligible to play for clubs in his home country till his 18th birthday (June 2, 2007). However, I do believe that the rights to the player can be purchased before that date. So in my head I came up with this crazy idea that Chelsea would buy the rights to him, but loan him to DC United for the 2006 season. This would allow them to snatch up some more young talent (and put a boot in the eye of Man United) while allowing MLS to keep their star with an added advertising gimmick (see tomorrow's Chelsea great today!).

Again, this is all speculation as I haven't spoken with Roman Abramovic for days now, but there does seem some logic in it to me (unless there is a rule I am overlooking).



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