Tuesday, February 14, 2006

New US World Cup Jerseys

The US and Nike have released the new uniforms that team US will wear this summer. The first image here is Landon Donovan in the home outfit. I must say this is a very classy look. I like the way the strip continues down to the sock. Very nice. The one thing that seems a little off to me is the size of the crest. It looks a bit big to me.

The numbers on the back are in the same style as the front with the player's name written straight across.

Just to make sure you know, the shorts are blue, they only look black in the photo. By the way, Logan's Revenge was correct when he posted the US kit on January 9th. Good job NDL.

This other image is the away jersey. The socks for this are mainly blue with a thin white stripe and then a larger red stripe across the top.

So there is my fashion post for the year.


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