Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Houston 1836 set to change names

Story updated here.

A TV station in Houston has reported that Houston 1836 is about to change their name. It seems the bad reception the name has received from Mexican-Americans, as well as many others, has convinced the club to come up with something different.

Officials will not confirm this, but they have said there will be a major announcement within the next week. Sources are also saying that the new name will be Houston Lone Star (could this become the unofficial beer of the team?).

Such a name would allow them to keep the basic logo design the same. It will be interesting if they add a '06 to the end so they can keep their marketing slogan (It's about time). This name change might also explain something I noticed during the US-Japan match. At various times the announcers talked about the San Jose Earthquakes, but when they mentioned Houston, they never said "1836."

If anyone from Houston is reading, Gatos is still a great choice. If not that, how about Houston Mercury? Maybe Houston Rovers?

Anyway, you might want to purchase a Houston 1836 t-shirt before they are history.

Updated information on this story here.


Anonymous VTSoccerFan said...

Any thoughts on why the MLS chooses to imitate European type team names as opposed to Mexican or Latin American team names?

I think the MLS will have an easier time attracting hispanic or mexican american soccer fans than european soccer fans.

If the MLS is so interested in the hispanic, latin american, mexican american fanbase then why don't they have any people of such descent in the broadcast booth on gameday? I think a passionate announcer of hispanic heritage would be at least as knowledgeable and probably more entertaining than the current crop or announcers. Also, why doesn't ESPN get this either?

8:23 PM  
Blogger Mike H said...

Excellent questions.

I have also wondered why they don't bring in an announcer with more passion, as is common South of the US border. It just seems natural.

It's hard to get into a game if the person calling it seems distant and bored by it all. If there was more excitement in the voice, I'm guessing a few more people flipping through the channels would stop to see what was going on.

4:13 PM  

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