Friday, February 24, 2006

Los Angeles Galaxy 0 - 0 Deportivo Saprissa

The two MLS CONCACAF games might have taken place on different days and a few thousand miles apart, but they were pretty much the same. Both MLS clubs had at least a few good chances on goal and both Costa Rican teams put as many bodies behind the ball as possible.

For LA, they were having some serious trouble with their passing. They seemed unable to string together more then three in a row. This caused Galaxy players to hold the ball, thus allowing Saprissa's defense to swarm. In addition, the lack of game fitness was evident during the last 15 minutes.

Still, they had some good chances with Landon Donovan's near goal in the 57th being their best. Donovan came in on the right side, beat a could of defenders then took a shot which bounced off of goaltender Jose Francisco Porras's thigh. The ball kept going towards goal and was within a few inches of crossing the line when defender Jervis Drummond somehow got a boot on the ball and cleared it. Just a fraction of a second latter and LA would have been up by one.

Events now turn to Costa Rica where the two sides will meet again on March 8. This second game will be much more open as Saprissa is going to be playing for a win. This should allow for more opportunities for the LA's offense, but it will also place a great deal more heat on their defense.



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