Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Houston has a name

Story updated here and here.

The votes are in and the folks have spoken, the former San Jose Earthquakes are now Houston 1836.

When you looked at the list of names from which to pick, 1836 seemed like the obvious winner. I mean we have a Real, a FC and a United, so we need a year to make the European feel complete (that or the Rovers).

Personally, I like the name. I know more then a few people will gripe about the 1836 being bastardized from its European roots (over then, years mark the founding of the team, not the start of the city), but who cares. If Dallas can call itself Football Club Dallas when it plays soccer, then are we really going to argue over what some numbers mean? Also, this will allow a nickname to develop from the fans.

Now it would have been fun if "Gatos" had won, but I guess there are just not enough fans of Spanish cats to make that happen.

The official word will come at a 2pm CST press conference.

By the way, here is the logo that is floating around the internet. It seems it was up on the MLS site for a short period this morning. However, you might want to wait and see as folks have been fooled before.


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