Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Dallas area to host Mexico and Ghana match

FC Dallas officials have confirmed that Mexico and Ghana will play on the $85 million field in Frisco, Texas, on March 1. This is seen as a bit of a coup for FC Dallas, as Mexico was also looking at the Cotton Bowl (located in downtown Dallas) as host. The Cotton Bowl can seat 45,000 while FCD's Pizza Hut Park holds about half that number at 23,000.

FC Dallas general manager Michael Hitchcock helped sell SUM (Soccer United Marketing, an MLS partner that controls the U.S. rights to Mexican matches) on the idea of having the match in Frisco by promising a better, more highly charged atmosphere inside the cozy stadium.

Of course it will be fun to see Mexico in action, but for US fans attention will focus more on the other side of the ticket. Ghana is a team the US will see in their third World Cup group match, which might end up being a must win game for the US to advance. Also, since this is the only official FIFA international play date set between now and the start of the World Cup, both teams should have their full rosters on the pitch.

It should be a good showing of what both teams will do in Germany.

By the way, this marks the second big international match FC Dallas has landed. On February 19th, the US will play Guatemala at the Park. I guess the decision to build a first class soccer stadium is starting to pay off.

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