Tuesday, January 03, 2006

ESPN and ABC sports added to iTunes

A little while back I wrote an open letter to US Soccer and MLS about getting some sort of soccer related content ready for the, at the time, new video iPod. Today, it looks like this idea might be one step closer to becoming a reality.

ESPN and ABC sports have added content to Apple's iTunes music/video store. Their first offerings are highlight packages from various college bowl games. However, they plan on adding "Best Of The X Games; "Sports Century" interviews from ESPN Classic's award-winning biography series; the popular "This is Sports Center" commercials; and select ESPN Original Entertainment programs -- including "Knight School."

This is a wonderful opening for soccer in America. ESPN and ABC carry both MLS and US national games, so why not work with them to produce some sort of weekly show about the sport in the US? Since the clips are already there, you would only need a commentator or two and boom, you've got something.

The fact that the iTunes store is seen by thousands of people everyday should add some icing to the cake. Associating US Soccer with iTunes is a good move to make. The more potential eyes we have looking at our game, the better.


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