Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Good Day After WCQ

Yes, the fights and appeals have got the most attention on this the day after qualifiers finished, but there is some positive news in the soccer world today. Australia seems to be going soccer crazy after their side's triumph with some saying that this might be the 'defining moment' for Australian soccer. Seeing as their FA will get $5-8 million for making it to the finals, that might just be on to something. The Socceroos are now the talk of their country.

Then there is the joy of Trinidad and Tobago where they declared a public holiday today to celebrate their sides first trip to the World Cup. "The team was scheduled to return home on Thursday and Prime Minister Patrick Manning urged people to take part in welcome celebrations that would start at Port of Spain's airport and continue with a drive into the city. In the western township of St. James, known as the party capital of Trinidad, traffic was blocked on the main thoroughfare as thousands of flag-waving fans gyrated, sang and hugged each other, crying and laughing. Musicians beat drums, steel pans, and bottles and thousands flooded into streets to dance after watching the game at pubs, sport bars, restaurants, offices and homes." Again, it is great to see a country go soccer crazy.


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