Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Houston Earthquakes?

Updated here on Dec 15, 2006.

It looks like the 'Quakes of San Jose might be on their way to Houston, Texas. The MLS has approved a transfer of the franchise to a different market, now owner AEG has to make the call.

They say that there really is no place in the San Jose area where they can "find a facility [existing or new stadium] that (would) allow the team to have some shot of making financial sense." AEG's president and chief executive officer Tim Leiweke added, "What we like about Houston is twofold. One, the temporary situation there (a new 12,000-seat stadium) is better than anything we've seen in San Jose. Two, a permanent solution is on the table." An announcement might come as early as Friday.

If the team moves out of California it will be the first time a club as moved markets in the MLS. Even with the new city, some things will stay the same as the Earthquakes will still of an intra-state rivalry just now with FC Dallas.

I'm sure there are a number of soccer fans that do not want to see this happen, but the MLS is not in a place to lose money on a club just to keep it in a city. It would be great if a deal could happen to keep the team in CA, but failing that, greener pastures are needed.

Since the last earthquake to hit the Houston area was some time during the formation of the surface of the Earth (no I didn't look that up), I'm guessing a name change will be in order. What about the Houston Oilers? Wait, been done. Maybe something like the Houston Petrochemicals sponsored by Texas Petrochemicals LP. Perhaps there is a piece of space hardware that a Houston team has not been named after. Or maybe we can keep ripping off European clubs and call the team the Houston Magpies. Are you with me?



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