Friday, October 14, 2005

Top seeds for Euro 2008 announced

Earlier today in Nyon, Switzerland, UEFA announced the top and second seeds for the Euro 2008 qualifying rounds. The seedings are based on each nation's results in qualifying for Euro 2004 and World Cup 2006.

Top seeds go to:
Greece, Netherlands, Portugal, England, Czech Republic, France and Sweden

Second seeds go to:
Germany, Croatia, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Spain and Romania

A note about Greece, they got a top seed automatically as reigning European champion, otherwise they would have only just made the second set of seeds.

Sixteen teams will play in Euro 2006. Switzerland and Austria qualify automatically as co-hosts. The 50 other teams will be divided into six groups of seven and one group of eight. The winners and runners-up of each of these groups will make up the other 14 teams in the tournament.

It will be interesting to watch this group draw take place since some very good teams will probably end up playing each other. I'm hoping the Netherlands and Germany land in the same group. That would be fun.


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