Wednesday, October 12, 2005


USA 2 - 0 Panama
Trinidad and Tobago 2 - 1 Mexico
Guatemala 3 - 1 Costa Rica

With their win and Mexico's loss, the US ends up winning the CONCACAF group. Guatemala got things going early and pulled out the needed win, but T&T proved how good they are by beating Mexico thanks to two goals by Stern John. So T&T will now get to play Bahrain in a home-home playoff.

As far as the US, they looked very sluggish in the first half, but Bruce Arena did what he does best and tuned-up his side at half time. They came out strong in the second half and Kyle Martino struck gold in the 53rd. Then, finally, Taylor Twellman got a goal in the 58th. From that point on, it was mainly time killing by the red, white and blue. All and all, the team looked much sharper then their last two matches, but still not strong enough to be a major threat in the World Cup.

Final Group Standings
USA - 22pts
Mexico - 22pts
Costa Rica - 16pts
T&T - 13pts
Guatemala - 11pts
Panama - 2pts



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