Wednesday, October 12, 2005

So who comes out of Europe

With the main qualifying behind us, let's take a look at who is in and who gets to go to the playoffs.

Automatic entry - First place
Netherlands (Group 1)
Ukraine (Group 2)
Portugal (Group 3)
France (Group 4)
Italy (Group 5)
England (Group 6)
Serbia and Montenegro (Group 7)
Croatia (Group 8)

Automatic entry - Best of second
Poland (Group 6)
Sweden (Group 8)

Playoff bound
Czech Republic (Group 1)
Turkey (Group 2)
Slovakia (Group 3)
Switzerland (Group 4)
Norway (Group 5)
Spain (Group 7)

The draw for the home-home playoff will happen Friday (14 Oct) in Zurich.


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