Wednesday, October 12, 2005

UEFA (Europe) WCQs

Andorra v Armenia
Finland v Czech Republic
Albania v Turkey
Greece v Georgia
Kazakhstan v Denmark

Malta v Bulgaria
Hungary v Croatia
Netherlands v Macedonia
Sweden v Iceland
Luxembourg v Estonia

Austria v Northern Ireland
Belarus v Norway
Italy v Moldova
Lithuania v Belgium
Portugal v Latvia

San Marino v Spain
Serbia & Montenegro v Bosnia-Herzegovina
Slovakia v Russia
Slovenia v Scotland
England v Poland

France v Cyprus
Ireland v Switzerland
Wales v Azerbaijan

In Group 1, the Czech Republic need to win against Finland if they want to over take Romania for second place. Romania is off today, so they have to hope the Czechs do no better then a tie (due to head to head play, Romania would move on even though the sides would be tied on points).

Group 2 sees a three-way race for the second spot. Turkey, Denmark and Greece all have a chance at it. Turkey travels to Albania for what should be a difficult match. Denmark is off to Kazakhstan and should be ashamed if they do not walk away with three points. Greece gets to host Georgia and should have little trouble getting a result. Turkey will more then likely need a win to advance.

Happy Group 3 sees Slovakia and Russia trying to get the upper hand. They play on another and anything short of a win for Russia will mean Slovakia goes on.

Go old Group 4. Israel, Switzerland, France and Ireland all have a chance here. Ireland and the Swiss play one another, so if a side loses, they are out. If they tie, Ireland is out. France has an easy match at home against Cyprus. So failing something shocking, France should take first with one of the other three bringing in the number two spot.

In Group 5 all Norway needs is any point against Belarus or for Slovenia to not win against Scotland and they are in.

Group 6 and the game of fun. Poland would love to get some sort of result in England while the English will only accept a win. Both sides are moving on, but this game will tell a lot about the English side.

Group 7 has Serbia and Montenegro hoping to clinch first against third place (and still in the running) Bosnia-Herzegovina. If they S-M win, then Spain doesn't need to get a result in their match against bottom of it all San Marino.

Finally Group 8 where both Croatia and Sweden will probably get automatic entry. Croatia has a so-so side in Hungary while Sweden should make easy pray out of Iceland.


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