Saturday, October 08, 2005

UEFA Results

Ukraine 2 - 2 Albania
Switzerland 1 - 1 France
Slovakia 1 - 0 Estonia
Scotland 0 - 1 Belarus
Russia 5 - 1 Luxembourg

Portugal 2 - 1 Liechtenstein
Norway 1 - 0 Moldova
N. Ireland 2 - 3 Wales
Lithuania 0 - 1 Serb-Mont.
Italy 1 - 0 Slovenia

Georgia 0 - 0 Kazakhstan
Finland 0 - 1 Romania
Denmark 1 - 0 Greece
Czech Rep. 0 - 2 Holland
Cyprus 0 - 1 Ireland

Bosnia-Herz. 3 - 0 San Marino
Belgium 0 - 2 Spain
Bulgaria 2 -0 Hungary
England 1 - 0 Austria
Israel 2 - 1 Faroe Isl.

Croatia 1 - 0 Sweden

England was able to get a 1-0 win, but they did not look good. On top of that Beckham (pictured) got two yellow cards within two minutes and was sent off with 30 minutes to play. The remaining English 10 were hard pressed by the Austrian side and almost gave up a goal or two. This is not the way England wanted to get their 3 points, but I'm sure they have happy to have it anyway. Wednesday's game against Poland will decide the winner of Group 6.

In Group 3, both Slovakia and Russia won meaning Wednesday's game is do or die. For Russia they will have to win on Wednesday while Slovakia can play for the tie due to goal difference.

A bit of a shocker in Group 5 as second place Norway tied with bottom of the table Moldova. Also, Scotland fell to Belarus ending their hopes of World Cup glory. So Slovenia could pull into second with a surprise win over Italy.

Serbia and Montenegro will stay a top Group 7 with their 1-0 win over Lithuania. Spain needs a win over Belgium to set up a possible last game strike at the automatic spot.

Update: Ireland have beat Cyprus to stay with the pack in Group 4. Ireland now have 16 points (same as France and Switzerland). If Isreal hold on to their 1-0 lead against bottom of the pile Faroe Islands, they will finish the WCQ stage with 18 points and, depending on what happens in the France - Switzerland match, might be on top of the group till at least Wednesday.

Update 2: Dear Denmark,
If you ever need any fantastic lamb recipes or some Turkish Delight for desert, just let us know.
Thank you,

Denmark helped Turkey out by beating Greece. This allows Turkey to stay in second place ahead of their Wednesday match against Albania. To be honest, Turkey might hold off on sending the above letter till Wednesday when Denmark plays last place Kazakhstan. If Denmark wins and Turkey does not, the Turks will be staying home next summer.

Update 3: Italy are going to Germany. With their 1-0 win over Slovenia, they get to prepare for the Cup. Norway also won in Group 5 meaning they have all but a lock on second.

Update 4: All three big teams in Group 7 won setting up a fun Wednesday night. Serbia and Montenegro are on top with 19pts, Spain follows with 17 and Bosnia-Herzegovina has 16. Spain plays 0pts San Marino on Wednesday and S-M face B-H. B-H has the hardest task of the three, but if everything goes just right for them, they might end up with a direct pass to Germany. That said, smart money is on Spain and S-M.

Update 5: Portugal got a late goal to get a victory and the points needed to go to the finals as top of Group 3. Liechtenstein put up a noble effort but it was not enough.


Blogger Scholiast said...

Norway didn't tie with Moldova, and Italy didn't have a surprise defeat to Slovenia, on the contrary, they won ;)

Other than that, yes, we (England and Norway!) scraped through..

For Michael Owen's sake, at least, England must qualify. Imagine if he left Real for the Magpies just to make sure he -- had first class tickets to the couch watching tv?

5:18 PM  

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