Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Real Madrid beats Man United

Don't worry, there was not some surprise match that you missed, I'm just talking about income earned by the two sides.

For the first time in eight years, Manchester United did not earn the most income during a 12-month period. Spanish side Real Madrid now holds that honor after they increased income by 17% to $334 million. Man U saw earnings drop by 2.3% to $298 million.

Real's breakdown of income is:
42% - commercial revenues (merchandise sales and sponsorship)
26% - Match day sales (mainly tickets)
24% - TV coverage
08% - Promotional activities (like pre-season tours)

Man U's breakdown is:
27% - commercial revenues (merchandise sales and sponsorship)
36% - Match day sales (mainly tickets)
37% - TV coverage

Man U also warned that their next report would see a decline in media revenues while Real Madrid is expected to see a further increase.

So how do you think the loyal United fans are going to react to this one?


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