Saturday, October 01, 2005

MLS Week 27 Predictions

MetroStars vs DC United
7:30pm EST
TV: Direct Kick

The MetroStars are still hoping to catch KC for the fourth playoff spot while DC is looking for home field advantage in the first round. The Stars will need Youri Djorkaeff to have a great game since his midfield partner Amado Guevara is suspended for this match. DC will also be without an important part of their midfielder as Christian Gomez was suspended for this game. Freddy Adu should take his place. Adu might add a surprise spark or he might get lost. Thankfully for him, the Metro's backline is often confused, so he might have some luck. MetroStars 1 - DC 2


New England vs San Jose
7:30pm EST
TV: Direct Kick

Oh, this is a good won. Anytime you have the two best teams in the league meet, it is going to be fun. The fact that these two very likely could be meeting again in 40 days or so for the Championship, just adds to the excitement. As far as this match is concerned, things are looking good for the Revs. They have Taylor Twellman at full strength as well as all their other starters. The Quakes will be without forward Ronald Cerritos (injury) and Eddie Robinson (suspension). Normally, they could work around this, but when facing a full strength New England side on the road, I think it is going to be a bit harder. NE 3 - SJ 1


Columbus Crew vs Chivas USA
7:30pm EST
TV: Direct Kick, HDNet

Quick review on this one. Columbus's defense has been very solid of late while Chivas has had no offense. All Columbus has to do is get a goal (it might take 2) and they will walk away with this one. Columbus 3 - Chivas 0


KC Wizards vs Chicago Fire
8pm EST
TV: Direct Kick

Talk about a must win for KC. They are in fourth place by only three points, the team in fifth has a game in hand, and their final two matches see New England coming to town and a trip to Dallas. If they want to make it to the post season, they have got to win. The Fire might not be much better the KC points wise, but the do have an additional game and have been playing better then KC of late. However, KC has not lost against Chicago this year. They have won twice and tied once, so maybe the Wizards just have the Fire's number. Or maybe not. Chicago should be able to find openings in KC's midfield and work a steady supply of balls into the box. KC 0 - Chicago 2


Colorado Rapids vs Real Salt Lake
9pm EST
TV: Direct Kick

Oh to be the Rapids. Three of their final four outings are against either Real or Chivas. This is a schedule that has got to be keeping the Galaxy up at night. These two teams last met a week and a half ago with Colorado getting full points. Little has changed since then. Without Jason Kreis Real have looked down right awful. So unless there is a complete Rapids meltdown, they should get the result. Rapids 3 - Real 1


LA Galaxy vs FC Dallas
10pm EST
TV: Direct Kick, Fox Soccer Channel

These two sides should be pretty use to one another by now, so the surprise factor will be limited. FC Dallas got some bad news when Carlos Ruiz ruled himself out for this meeting. They will now need to depend on their backups to pull the weight. For LA, London Donovan has been listed as questionable. If he does not step onto the pitch, it will alter the Galaxy's playing style in a major way. That said, the home side has won all four meetings so far this year. Also, Herculez Gomez has lived up to his name by getting six goals in his last six outings. To the winner goes second place (for now). LA 2 - FCD 1


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