Thursday, October 20, 2005

Mourinho surprises no one

In perhaps the most obvious statement possible, Chelsea's coach Jose Mourinho (pictured) warns his Champions League rivals, "We are one of many teams who can win it, but everyone knows Chelsea is a very strong team."

Really. Didn't notice.

Let's see, after three games they have 7 points and have yet to give up a goal. In the EPL, they are 9-0-0 and have only given up 3 goals. Maybe this side has a chance of being good.

I say this not to mock Mourinho, but does he really think people who are being honest in any way about soccer don't think his side has a good chance of winning everything?

Don't confuse the boredom of watching a squad blow by team after team with a lack of respect for the expected outcome. It is only boring because your side is so strong and talented that we know few have any real chance of catching you.


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