Friday, October 07, 2005

MLS Week 28 Predictions

Even with WCQ going on all around, the men of MLS will still take to the pitch to battle it out for pride, positioning and just perhaps a job next year.

To the predictions...

DC United vs MetroStars
7:30pm EST
TV: Direct Kick

A team on a roll versus a team that must be cursed. When these two meet last week, DC blew the junk out of the Metros scoring twice in the final five minutes of regulation. Then the Metros went to Chicago on Wednesday. They had a 2 goal lead entering the 90th minute yet somehow walked away with just a point. These are not good times for the super club from the East. For DC, it's show time. They are 5-1-1 since Aug. 31st and have outscored their MLS opponents 17-6. United will be without Santino Quaranta due to international duty, but Christian Gomez, Freddy Adu and Jaime Moreno should be able to cover for him. For the Metros, their main motivation will be trying to keep the playoff dream alive. If they could pull off a shocker in RFK, they might just be able to punch KC out of fourth, but how often are we really shocked?

DC 3 - 1 MetroStars


KC Wizards vs New England Revolution
8pm EST
TV: Direct Kick

New England has looked a little weak of late and with Taylor Twellman gone to Costa Rica, they might be in bad shape at Arrowhead. The good news for the Revs is that KC has looked dreadful for the last month and a half. Still, they are at full strength and know that the MetroStars are right over their shoulders, so maybe they will do something amazing. New England is the better side, so advantage should go to them.

KC 1 - 2 New England


Chicago Fire vs Columbus Crew
8:30pm EST
TV: Fox Soccer Channel, Direct Kick

On Wednesday the Fire returned home for the first time in 2 months and were able to steal a tie in the final moments (google MetroStars - collapse for some fun). The Crew, on the other hand, went to Dallas and was beat by a team without five of their starters. The Fire has hopes of moving up on DC and New England, but I don't think that's going to happen. The Crew, well I guess they could fight for honor. Okay, maybe the hope of staying employed will help, but that still might not be enough. The Fire has been seesawing back and fourth of late, but I still think they should have enough to beat the Crew.

Chicago 3 - 2 Crew


FC Dallas vs Colorado Rapids
8:30pm EST

As I have noted, FCD is without a lot of their starters, yet somehow they still manage to compete and, a lot of the time, win. Colorado have won 3 and tied 1 of their last 4, but all of those games have been against Chivas or Real. The last time they played a strong team on the road they lost 2-0 against DC. However, they do have someone new in the lineup now and his name is Dedi Ben Dayan. You don't score four goals in four matches by luck. FCD's defense will need to come up with some big plays to take Dedi out of the game. However, even if they do that, they will still need to find someone who can score. With Eddie Johnson and Carlos Ruiz out, that somebody will probably be Ramon Nunez. This one could go either way, but I think Dallas will find a way to win it in the end.

FC Dallas 2 - 1 Colorado


San Jose Earthquakes vs Real Salt Lake
10pm EST
TV: Direct Kick

If I'm reading my notes correctly, this game could result in a bit of MLS history. If San Jose walk away with a tie or better, they will be the first team to not lose a game at home while Real Salt Lake will be the first team to not get a win on the road. In addition, the Quakes only need one point to claim the Supporters' Shield. One bad thing for San Jose, five of their players will be away for international duties (Danny Califf, Wade Barrett, Ricardo Clark, Brian Ching and Alejandro Moreno). For Real, the will only be without Eddie Pope. That means they will still have, um, Clint Mathis, and um, oh Dante Washington, plus, well, um, how about, um, Andy Williams, sure why not. If Real could somehow win this one, it will be the greatest moment of the year. It is a shame that nothing like that is going to happen.

San Jose 3 - 0 Real Salt Lake


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