Tuesday, October 25, 2005

BASAs Day 2

Climbing the Ladder has award the second BASA of the year today for Coach of the Year. And the winner is.... (click here)

So yesterday's BASA went to the Goalkeeper of the Year. Here is how the vote came out:

1- Pat Onstad
2- Matt Reis
3- Nick Rimando
4- Tony Meola
5- Joe Cannon
5- Jonny Walker
7- Brad Guzan

My picks went like this:

1- Pat Onstad (San Jose)
2- Nick Rimando (DC)
3- Matt Reis (NE)

Oddly enough, I voted the same way as D over at DCenter. We were the only two that put Nick Rimando is second place and it looks like we did it for much of the same reasons. I think Rimando had to work harder this year, due to backline problems, then Reis had to. Also, I still cannot get past Reis's stupid tackle of Colorado's Jay Heaps back in mid-August. It was, in my opinion, a very foolish decision. It gave Colorado a pk and gave Reis a red card. I still think he is a great keeper, but I think Rimando outshined him a bit this year.

As far as Onstad, he was wonderful game after game and deserves all the respect he is getting (even if he did not look that great this past Sunday).



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