Monday, October 24, 2005

Dalian get their 8th league title

Dalian has won the Chinese Super League championship. This marks the team's eighth crown in twelve years. Bulgarian striker Zoran Jankovic got the game winner off a penalty kick in the 60th minute.

With the win, Dalian win a spot in next season's AFC Champions League.

Dalian's continued success has a lot to do with their ability to find local sponsors for the club. Other teams in the troubled Chinese Super League have had a much tougher time bringing in money and making payroll. This is due in part to poor attendance, but has a lot more to do with the loss of sponsors as a result of various game-fixing scandals.

The Super League was suppose to lunch China to the top of the pack in Asia, but so far has been marked by failure. This league might not survive another season.

By the way, last year's surprise winner Shenhua Jianlibao currently sits in 11th place out of 14.


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