Monday, October 24, 2005

Cruyff continues verbal spat with Mourinho

Incase you have not heard, Dutch legend Johan Cruyff has been in a running verbal spat all season with Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho.

Cruyff originally said of Mourinho that he is "...a pragmatic coach who fails in his duty to entertain." He also referred to him as 'resultadista’ due to his belief that Mourinho is ruining the game with his results-first policy.

Mourinho replied, "Since 1996, he refuses to step into the new football reality. Football is waiting for him to be a teacher. I want him to come forward and teach me. I humbly ask for it. I want him to help me to be a better coach because I don't want to stop learning.

"But he cannot teach me to be national champion because I already am three times. He cannot teach me how to win cups and Super Cups because I already did. He cannot teach me to conquer the UEFA Cup because I also have it. He cannot teach me to become a European champion either."

But Cruyff thinks there needs to be more to the game then just the final result. His reply is, "Between spectacular, controlled football, which I defend and will always defend, and results-based football there is a world of difference.

"An inadequate team has to try to defend as it can, but a great team, with great players, always has to give something more. What's more, it has to for the good of football."

It will be interesting to see if this continues. Mourinho has mostly refrained from getting into such spats this year, but this one goes right at his coaching style. With all the charges in the press of Chelsea's "boring" style, I wonder if this is starting to get to Jose. However, I'm sure all his trophies will provide some comfort for the coach.


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