Monday, October 24, 2005

Refs chief wants technology's assistance

Premiership referees chief Keith Hackett has said that he would welcome the use of technology to help decide goalline decisions.

This is a great step forward for a needed technology. I don't agree with a lot of possible uses of new technology on the pitch (like video review or earpieces for players and coaches), but a simple chip informing the ref when a ball has fully crossed the goalline makes 100% sense.

Such technology was used with success in Peru for the U-17 World Championship, but FIFA President Sepp Blatter said the test was inconclusive. However, the chips will be used again in the World Club Championship this December in Japan. Blatter said that if it was a success there that it might just benefit the World Cup. And if it is good enough for the World Cup, it will be good enough for the top leagues.

By the way, I'm guessing that the reason for the inconclusive finding in Peru is due to the fact that there were no really questionable goals (at least none I can recall off hand). What I said about this technology before Peru still holds true (it has to be 100% correct, 100% of the time because people are not willing to forgive mechanical mistakes), but I think it is time that refs got a little more help out there. As long as the rule states that the human on the field gets to make the final call, I think everything will be fine.

One downside, this might mark the end of "was it in?" arguments. Where will my soccer buddies and me be without these?


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