Thursday, September 01, 2005

US and Mexico talk about Saturday's match

US has quotes from both the American and Mexican clubs. Here are my favorites:

U.S. MNT goalkeeper Kasey Keller on the attention the game draws:
"It has certainly gained a lot of public interest, not only between Mexico and the U.S. but, obviously, throughout the region, throughout South America. Our game at Azteca was shown all over Europe, when we played Mexico. It's definitely getting a world-wide audience for this rivalry and that's only because now we're able to step up and play at the level that Mexico has been playing at for generations."

U.S. MNT midfielder Eddie Lewis on the rivalry:
"It's a Lakers-Celtics. The history is really starting to grow but it's really the two teams, the two 'Kings of the Hill,' if you will, that are now at a very level point."

Mexican National Team Head Coach Ricardo Lavolpe on whether the U.S. is better than Mexico:
“Ha. Well they didn’t demonstrate it in the last game and in Olympic qualifying they ate up four goals. Besides that there is the last game we played. We’ve only lost one game and that was a friendly in the 93rd minute off of a header.”

Mexican National Team Forward Jared Borgetti on the U.S. style of play:
“They always only go for the counterattack. One has to criticize their style of play because it’s ugly. We already know how the U.S. plays. They base their soccer on organization and they kick long balls to try to create danger on a counterattack. I don’t expect a spectacular game or anything along those lines because the U.S. is going to play a tight game.”

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