Thursday, September 01, 2005

Rochester Rhinos' new stadium delayed

The United Soccer League’s First Division side the Rochester Raging Rhinos will probably have to wait till next season to move into their new downtown soccer stadium.

Minor construction delays are holding up the opening of the $25 million facility. "Construction crews have yet to put down the artificial playing surface. And bathrooms, concession stands, elevators, field lights, scoreboards and some guardrails in the stands haven't been installed."

It would be difficult to play in a stadium without a surface and hard to get fans to attend without, well a lot of items.

It is also interesting that the club is trying to get $15 million in state aid to include " boxes, a permanent press box, permanent locker rooms (and) a video replay system for the scoreboard." Seems a little late in the game to be looking for this money, but who am I to say.

Even if they don't get all the special features they are looking for, it is going to be a great stadium.


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