Sunday, September 04, 2005

Ukraine head to Germany

Hello all. In my recap of UEFA WCQ action, I said that Ukraine failed to get into the finals. Well, I was wrong. I did not realize or take the time to look up what would happen in the event of a tie in points between Ukraine and Greece (the only side in the group who could catch them). The Group currently looks like this:

Team (mp) pts
Ukraine (10) 24
Turkey (10) 17
Greece (9) 15
Denmark (9) 13
Albania (10) 12
Georgia (9) 9
Kazakhstan (9) 0

Greece could still earn 9 points, thus pulling even with Ukraine. However, the FIFA tie-breaking system goes as such:

1-Points between the teams in question (the ones that are tied)
2-Goal difference (in case of a tie between the teams in question)
3-Goals Scored (in case that the GD is the same for all)

Ukraine and Greece have already met twice. The first match was a 1-1 tie, while Ukraine won the second match 1-0. This means Ukraine have a 2-1 lead in goal difference between the two sides and get to go to the World Cup.

Congratulations to Ukraine and sorry from me. I will try to be more accurate in the future. Also, thank you to incendiarymind over at Footcer Socblog for pointing out my error. By the way, he has a great rundown of all yesterday's WCQs, so take a moment and look it over.

As far as Group 2 is concerned, the race is now for second place. Even through they are currently in third, Greece is in the diver's seat. They are only 2 points back of Turkey with an extra game still to play. Also, their schedule has them playing both Kazakhstan and Georgia. The Denmark game will be a little harder since they too could still get the second spot. Turkey has to face Ukraine and Albania on the road.


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