Saturday, September 03, 2005

Are you ready for some soccer?!?!?!

USA vs Mexico
7:25pm EST
TV: ESPN Classic & Telemundo

With all the buildup out of the way, it is time to play the game. Columbus Crew stadium is sold out and sure to be rocking with chants of "USA", but will that prevent Mexico from pulling off an upset against the home side? I would have to say yes.

I expect to see both sides come out swinging early. If the US can get a goal in the first 15, Mexico will be flustered. However, if Mexico blasts one home, then it will be up to the fans to let their team know that they have their back. What I mean is, red, white and blue fans cannot let the tricolors take them out of the match. One of the reasons no one ever wins in Mexico is the fans (the altitude has something to do with it as well). Even if their team goes down a goal, they are still screaming.

As far as action on the pitch, I think it will be a more relaxed style of play then we saw in their previous meeting. Both sides will play the whole field, but America will dominate the counter-attack. I also think both side will get a goal off a set piece. It will be a great night for soccer with the US ending up the victor and at the top of the standings.

US 3 - Mexico 1

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