Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Jason Kreis might be done for the season

There were rumors over the weekend that Real Salt Lake's Jason Kreis suffered a MCL tear in practice last week, but the team would not confirm nor deny such talk.

Now those rumors seem to be true with the Salt Lake Tribune publishing a story about Kreis possibly undergoing surgery before the season is over.

Kreis is MLS's all time goal scorer and a very important part of Real's offense. With him out of the lineup, they will be forced to depend on Clint Mathis (never the best idea), Chris Brown (a solid player, but not much of a goal scorer) and rookie Jamie Watson (who has only started four matches). Not a good spot for the men in Red.

Salt Lake had no chance at the playoffs with Kreis in the lineup, so this doesn't really hurt their post-season hopes, but it could hurt them development for next season. You need experience on the field to teach the youngsters how to play the game on a professional level. Kreis provided that as well as highlight reel footage for an otherwise not so ready for prime time team.


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